One of the cemeteries that we are concentrating on in the early development of this site is the historic Oakwood Cemetery located in Raleigh, North Carolina. This cemetery is located near the downtown district of Raleigh in the Oakwood National Historic District filled with Victorian-era homes dating from the 1700's.

Our primary survey is centered around the Confederate Cemetery which is approximately one and one-half acres that was donated in 1867. This is a honored area which invokes fantastic feelings of patriotism and love of country. Containing approximately 1500 gravestones, this area will take some time to complete, but well worth the effort.

The picture above is of the House of Memory. It was erected in 1935 and today houses bronze memorial plaques recognizing the North Carolina service men and women who have served our country.

It is our pleasure and honor to offer this information to the relatives and families of these soldiers.

    Since man first started living together in groups back in the stone ages, he has been caring for dead members of his society. Sometimes this was driven by health reasons, other times it was a necessity driven by beliefs or faith. As our civilizations grew the art of preserving the dead grew in its complexity as well. The reasons for this preservation are still varied even today. Religious practices are the main factor, but even for those who do not practice any formal faith there is still a drive to care for and remember those who have come before us.

  As part of this preservation, the head and foot stone used to mark graves have become a central part. They can be looked at for artistic relevance or as a source of information concerning genealogy. Many graves are a fantastic source of information of what society held as valuable at different points in time. They are a marker of time, much more than a record the information of the individual buried there.

  Graveyard Images is dedicated to the preservation and position of grave markings for family genealogy and historic records. There are many sites on the web today that organize the names and information written on graves. Our goal is to "show" the information via a photograph and where it is located in such a way that many different people, with many different goals, will find the grave source.

  Knowing that there is information to be gathered from a photograph of a gravestone is self-evident, but there is more to it than just that. Having been shown a grave in a remote cemetery by an older generation, only to find that after they are gone you cannot navigate your way back to the grave is a common problem. With large cemeteries, finding a grave even with a picture of it in your hand is a daunting task. If you are fortunate, the cemetery may have a map of the grounds and it may even be broken into section. But even with that information finding the exact grave maybe too difficult to do.

  Our goal is to take a picture of the grave with an attached GPS acquired latitude - longitude position. The benefits of this are not new by any means, but they are sizable. For instance, with a inexpensive GPS receiver a person can navigate with the latitude - longitude to within a 30-40 ft radius of the grave. That along with the picture in hand should allow even a person totally unfamiliar with the cemetery to walk directly to the grave. Recorded along with all your other genealogy information this would be priceless for your descendants.

  One could in fact create a virtual library of family graves with in GoogleEarth and see aerial images along with the position of the grave within the cemetery without ever leaving you computer. See our link above to instructions on how to place the position into GoogleEarth.

  We are starting here in the Raleigh North Carolina area, but will soon be moving across the region to include small church cemeteries along with completing the survey of the larger historic ones. In some cases, sections of the larger cemeteries will be done separately, but the goal will be to have the entire cemetery in the future. We are not here to post just a few photos as they come in from around the area, but rather to have complete cemeteries. That way, if you have information of a grave located in one of the cemeteries or cemetery section we list, you have a very high assurance of finding it in our database.

  This will be an ongoing survey, so visit us often to see if we have added any information concerning you ancestors. We hope that this information and photograph will help you in remembering your loved ones.

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